Chocolate Christmas Cuddle in a Cup

When imbibing with friends, family during the Holidays, I like to consider TWO categories of cocktails; so check out this simple party planning idea that is certain to help make this the best Holiday ever!

1)      Clear & Bright – Something light, effervescent as the perfect aperitif before dinner; or that will be pretty, delicious to hold while mingling at a party

2)      Warm & Cozy – Something hot, rich as a welcoming warm up as guests arrive; or that will be ideal for cuddling up with that special someone in front of a fire or to watch an old holiday favorite movie.

Chocolate Christmas Cuddle in a Cup

(Warm & Cozy)

2 oz Rock Town Distillery Arkansas bourbon whiskey

2 oz. Markham & Fitz drinking chocolate

2 shakes orange bitters

Marshmallow - Toasted

Garnish of chocolate shaving, orange zest, nutmeg


Technique –

Handled glass or mug – layer bourbon, drinking chocolate, bitters, marshmallow; then top with shavings, orange zest, nutmeg

Chocolate Cuddle - 2018.jpeg

Chocolate Christmas Cuddle in a Cup - Be Sure to watch how we make this drink on Christmas Eve at 12:30pm on Good Day NWA!