The Bad Seed

Bad Seed II - 2019.jpg

The Bad Seed (Layered, Delicious, Local, POP)

 What to get:  Rock Town Vodka, Aloe Juice, Fresh Basil Leaves, Basil Seeds, Pomegranate Seeds, Ginger Syrup, Ice 

Bad Seed - 2019.jpg

What to do:  The combination of basil and pomegranate seeds give this drink two aggressive textural POPS - while the aloe allows for a sweet, grape like flavor and viscous mouthfeel. Simply fill a rocks or collins glass with fresh torn basil, ice - stir together vodka, aloe, and ginger syrup until well blended then pour over ice and basil - garnish with pomegranate and basil seeds.

Inspired from the 2019 Roots Festival in Fayetteville, The Bad Seed is a simple, beautifully stratified cocktail that is just sweet, refreshing enough to be that perfect late Summer drink at your next dinner party.