Wonder Woman of the High South - Chrissy Sanderson

Wonder Women of the High South: Melody, Maudie, and Chrissy

Wonder Women of the High South: Melody, Maudie, and Chrissy

Girl Power in the High South

November 2018

Gender equality is the key to responsibly traversing the cultural, social evolution in this day and age of #metoo and #timesup.  Women chefs have a special knack for simultaneously bringing respect, creativity, order, and calm to the otherwise chaotic atmosphere of a bustling, busy kitchen.  Egos are selflessly checked at the door, which is why some of the names in this article might be unfamiliar, new to Citiscapes readers; but trust in knowing that the women featured are the best and brightest of the best and brightest in not only the High South, but also the entire United States.

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Who:  Chrissy Sanderson

Where:  Mockingbird Kitchen

What:  Smoked Apple Brined Turkey

Insights from the Metro-billy:  Chef Chrissy Sanderson is the epitome of a smart, strong female chef; boasting an impressive line of successful tenures in an industry that hangs its proverbial chef’s hat on failure, via elevating Bordino’s to the next level, then a stint as general manager of the award winning Tusk and Trotter in Bentonville, before launching one of the most beloved restaurants in the High South, Mockingbird Kitchen.  Be forewarned, those of you committing to Sanderson’s Smoked Apple Brined Turkey this holiday season, will never make another turkey recipe ever again.        

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Smoked Apple Brined Turkey


1 10-12 pound Turkey, thawed   


1 ½ gallons water                                                           

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2 whole Green Apples, chopped              

2 Star Anise pods                                            

1 tablespoon Black Peppercorns                              

4 Garlic cloves                                   

½ whole Ginger root, sliced thin                                .

2 Bay leaves, dried                         

2 sprigs fresh Sage                                                          

1 cup Kosher Salt                                             

2 cups Brown Sugar                                        

4 cups Ice                                                       

 basting liquid:

1 pound of Butter, melted

Apples from the brine


Technique I: 

  1. Thaw the turkey before brining.

  2. Combine all of the Brine ingredients, except the ice, in a sauce pot and stir together

  3. Bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar and salt

  4. Turn off heat and pour into a container large enough to fit the turkey into your refrigerator

  5. Add the ice to the warm liquid to help cool

  6. When the liquid is cool add the turkey.  Cover the container and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours

  7. After 24 hours remove the turkey from the brine

  8. Optional:  Save the apple chunks from the brine and add them to your basting liquid


Technique II: 

  1. Get your smoker ready using wood of your choice.  I prefer hickory or apple wood

  2. When the smoker is ready, smoke the Turkey according to your smokers directions

  3. If using apples from the brine, add them to blend with melted butter for the basting liquid

  4. Baste the turkey every 30 minutes

  5. For this recipe I smoked the Turkey for 1 hour then roasted in the oven for another six hours.  Cooking time will depend on the size of your turkey.

  6. Be sure to cover the turkey with aluminum foil if the Turkey is getting too dark

  7. Turkey should be cooked to 165 degrees.  It is best to check the turkey temperature between the breast and leg

  8. When the turkey is cooked, let rest for 30 minutes before carving